If you have a little time on your hands and are looking for a place to make an immediate impact and enjoy yourself too, look no further! There are so many ways to volunteer at the shelter, in many ways you may not have thought of!


We need volunteers to help with adoption and fundraising events. This is a fun way to get the animals out of the shelter for a while and showcase them in a new environment, reaching an audience that not otherwise see our shelter pets.

Pet Therapy Visits are an area we would really like to grow. There are so many Seniors in our community’s nursing homes that are lonely. We have pets that are lonely too. Let’s bridge that gap with regular visits to the nursing homes.


If you would like to volunteer to walk our shelter dogs, you will never find a more willing participant. Our dogs need to get out regularly, and the time spent with someone is needed therapy for them. The bonus to this volunteer activity is you get the benefits of exercise and a little canine therapy too!


If you are a volunteer that would like a quieter and less physical way to get involved, we always have papers that need to filed, letters that need to be sent, and information that needs to be entered in the computer.


Occasionally we visit schools, daycares and kid’s camps. Volunteers would take an animal as well as some educational information and spend time talking about educational points and answering questions about our animals.  This is a particularly fun way to volunteer if you love kids and pets. The two combined are a guaranteed good time.


We desperately need volunteers that can offer up their home as a temporary residency for some of our pets. Sometimes just getting them out of their kennels for a while can give them the hope and love they need to just get by until they find their forever homes.



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Sign up today if you are interested in volunteering with:

  • Dog Walking

  • Pet Therapy/Visits with Nursing Homes and Care Centers

  • Foster Care

  • Promotional and Adoption Events

  • Kennel Help

  • Pet Grooming

  • Behavior Training


Walking our canines is a great way to relieve stress, get in some exercise, and make a new friend. Our dogs love getting out in the fresh air and seeing the world beyond their kennel.

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Want to make even more of an impact? Download the WalkforaDog app on your mobile device and start earning donations for PHS! You can add your own dog, a shelter dog, in memory of a dog you loved, or even a "virtual dog" named Cassie! The more people actively walking for our organization the more donations we are able to receive. Be sure to take a walk at least once a week (and register your walk) to be counted as an active walker for PHS. 

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