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PHS Update 03/30/2020

With COVID-19 in the area we want everyone to be aware of our new hours of operation. 11 am to 4 pm every day of the week, Monday-Sunday. We are limiting the number of people in the building dramatically and cutting back staffing. We are moving to A and B teams to help keep the shelter financially afloat until this passes and keep staff safe. We’ve got lots of fur babies to clean up after and feed. If you’re interested in donating those can be done on our website or over the phone.

We are asking the public to Stay home unless you are ready to adopt. Questions on animals can be asked over the phone! Information can be viewed on our website. We are still offering cremation services. City licenses are non-essential at this time. Claim outs will be called in or arranged over the phone.

Currently we are attempting to get all available animals in the building adopted out to loving families that can care for them in this stressful time. We are asking that if you are seriously interested in adoption please come to the shelter to see if we have an animal that would fit into your home. Practice social distancing and stay home if you are currently sick. The employees at PHS have been directed to check temperature of ALL individuals before they enter the building. Anyone experiencing a fever of over 100 degrees or other symptoms (shortness of breath, coughing, or sore throat) will not be allowed to enter the building and will be sent home immediately. This also includes anyone that has traveled outside of the Panhandle area. State ID will be taken and needed for any adoptions or fosters.

Available Dogs and Cats can be found here on our site under the "Adopt a Pet" Tab at the top.

If you aren't able to adopt an animal there are other ways that you can help.

Applying for emergency foster is quick and easy. Fill out the foster application form on our website and send it to us through email to

You can also make online donations if you are stuck at home through our online store or by donating through paypal.

Community and Emergency Intakes

The National Animal Care and Control Association has put out recommendations for how we should operate during this time and we will be following the set guidelines for our shelter.

  • Surrenders that are currently scheduled will be cancelled until further notice.

  • All available space will be saved for animals whos families have been effected by COVID-19.

  • Strays - We will be minimizing stray intakes and only taking on animals that are sick and injured. We are no longer renting out traps to the public or taking in any trapped animals. PHS will remotely help to find animals homes if the "finder" is able to hold the animal at their home. Resources such as our Facebook group PHS lost and found will have postings with pictures that will be made shareable of stray animals and staff members will be taking lost and found calls over the phone.

  • Owner Returns - The safest practice is to ensure that all animals in your household are properly identifiable with the animals name, an address, and a phone number so that lost pets can be reunited with owners outside of the shelter. If the animal ends up at the shelter and the owner can claim the animal within 1 hour of its intake the intake fees associated with a reclaim will be waived. If the animal is there overnight appropriate boarding fees will be added to the regular claim out fee.

  • We will still be taking cremations from the community and calling to inform owners of pick-up date. During this time wait times may be longer than usual.

PHS is in dire need of emergency foster homes and ask that you fill out an application if you are willing to help by clicking the picture. If this progresses into our area PHS may further limit services to the public/community.

These reactions will be in accordance to the public announcements released.



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