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Emergency Foster Program

Panhandle Humane Society

Foster families are crucial during this time. In preparation for "shelter at home" statutes, we are currently accepting applications for anybody interested in fostering a dog or cat at this time. Our shelter can offer some supplies to help foster families get started with their new foster animal (as quantities last). Communication avenues have been created for foster families such as dedicated Foster Management team, emergency contacts, and a PHS foster family support group.

Goal: Reduce occupied kennel space in event of staff reduction or closure.

Objective: Temporarily relieve occupancy of animals in the building by creating a fluid and connected process for all foster families and animals during our adjusted or closed business hours.

Summary: In result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our shelter is currently preparing for further closures or adjusted business hours. In the event that this happens, staffing will be reduced and to ensure that our animals are still receiving the care they need and deserve, foster families are needed to help staff maintain the same level of care to the animals remaining in the shelter. The shelter will still act as a stray animal holding facility, even when closed to the public. This means that without animals actively leaving the shelter, it will continue to have influxes of animals brought in. The shelter is implementing an Emergency Foster Program to maintain workload level for our employees with reduced staffing hours. This program will consist of curbside drop off and pick up of foster animals for initial transportation as well as wellness checkups.

Details: Panhandle Humane Society is currently accepting applications for our Emergency Foster Program. Accepted applicants will be added to a registry and called upon if/when hours or closures are needed for the shelter. In order to continue “Social Distancing” recommended practices, interested persons can find the application online at After receiving the application, applicants will be contacted by phone for an interview. In the event that the Emergency Foster Program needs to start placing animals with their foster families, PHS will contact approved applicants by phone and will schedule a pick up at the shelter. All pick up/drop offs will be made from the foster family’s vehicle. Emergency phone numbers will be given to foster families, as well as constant available connection through medias such as Facebook, Email, and phone.



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