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Updated: Apr 16

A quick update on how things are going from the shelter.

We still have lots of animals in the building but are currently only adopting out animals that are fixed.

Most of the Animals that have come in have been sick/injured so we have been doing our part by making sure they have the medical treatment they need. Luckily we prepared by stocking up on needed medical supplies Emergency Fosters applications have been flowing in! If an emergency happens we will start calling all the available fosters to help place animals into homes. Luckily we have not had such an emergency happen yet. We appreciate all the people that are on the list to take animals if the need may arise. We are very lucky that they are willing to open their homes to our animals at PHS. Medical facilities including veterinary clinics have been asked to discontinue all non-essential surgeries to help with the shortage of medical supplies at the moment. This includes spay and neuter surgeries. Our wonderful veterinary team at Mitchell Valley Animal Hospital has been working with us to pace out surgeries and know that helping get animals fixed and ready for adoption is essential for us at the moment. So keep an eye out for new faces on our available animals page.

Local Rescues have asked that people needing to surrender for reasons outside of COVID-19 contact them so that they can help you place your animal in a foster home.

There is space available at the shelter for at risk animals, sick/injured animals, Rabies Quarantine/COVID quarantine for the Health Department, this also includes spaces for animals brought in by officers overnight and during the day when a finder can not hold the animal or an owner can not be reached. If you or your family has been affected by COVID-19 we have space available to help you and your animals, this is done on a case by case basis. We do ask that you have an Emergency plan in place for your animals in case an emergency were to arise, a comfy couch with a familiar face is much less stressful than a kennel.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy! We can’t wait for things to get back to normal either!



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