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COVID-19: update 3/16/2020

Updated: Mar 24

How Panhandle Humane Society is Handling COVID-19

The Coronavirus Disease or (COVID-19) symptoms include but are not limited to difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, and bluish lips or face. If you are experiencing those symptoms please consult your medical provider, practive social distancing and good hygiene.

How does this effect our homeless and owned pets?

The Panhandle Humane Society's current strategy to help limit the spread of sickness at this time is to encourage social distancing from our donors and the community. We understand that with the schools being closed and other social engagements being cancelled people may want to come see animals at the shelter. We ask that if you are sick to please stay home and only come into the shelter if you are seriously interested in adopting an animal. If you are currently sick and your animal is here as a stray, please call us to provide the name of the person that will be claiming out your pet. We are currently stocking up on needed items in case of emergency such as food, medication, and cleaning supplies. We are attempting to help owners and animals that are lost to get reunited outside of the shelter to limit the number of animals and people coming through our doors. This will help us keep space available for emergencies. All surrenders will still be by appointment only but, appointments are subject to change based on available space.

How can the Community Help?

Practice social distancing and only come to the shelter if necessary; self quarantine if sick.

Ensure that an emergency plan is in place for the animals in your care.

Ensure that all pets have proper identification on collars (update phone numbers) in case they were to get lost in order to get them home faster!

Contact microchipping company to update any out of date information

PHS can help register any unregistered microchips by calling (308) 635-0922 to request a ownership change.

Utilize Lost and Found resources in the community such as the local non emergency line, Facebook groups (Lost and Found Pets of Scottsbluff and surrounding area), and by calling and leaving a message with the shelter. This will help ensure we have the capacity to care of emergency cases that may arise.

Donations to the Shelter can be dropped off or purchased online on our website/online store.

If this progresses into our area PHS may limit services to the public/community and ask for help by enlisting emergency foster homes. These reactions will be in

accordance to the public announcements released.

If interested in being an emergency foster home, click below for the foster application.



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