How long do you keep an animal ?

We hold stray animals for 3 business days (not including the day they are brought to the shelter) to allow plenty of time for their owner to claim them. Surrenders are held for 24 hours. After each hold period, the animal is given an exam and made available for adoption. As long as the animal is adoptable, it will be here until we find it a forever home!

How do you decide on your adoption prices?

We set our adoption prices to attract potential adopters and make the animals as affordable as possible. We take a loss on every cat adoption at $50, especially the females, whose spays alone cost more than the adoption fee. Though we are non-profit, we are still a business, and if we were to take a loss on our adoptions we would not be able to provide the services we do to the community. It's not only the care and feeding of the animals that costs money, we have utilities to pay, employees, insurance, and other common costs that businesses have. 

Do you charge to bring animals in?

We do not charge to bring in a stray animal. 

We do charge for animal surrenders. This helps offset the cost of caring for the animal until they are adopted. We also charge for feral cats that are brought in. This also helps pay for their care while they are at the shelter.


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