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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Panhandle Humane Society is to prevent neglect, abuse and cruelty, as well as the overpopulation of pets and homeless animals.

This goal is accomplished by educating the public and pet owners in the humane treatment of animals, increasing pet adoptions, and maintaining an animal shelter which is dedicated to providing humane treatment and care of all animals.

Shelter Staff

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Amy Bartholomew - Executive Director 

Virginia Klemm - Shelter Manager

Edward Jones - Senior Kennel Technician

Takiya San Miguel - Senior Kennel Technician

Lauren Brock - Customer Care Specialist

Zoe Kincaid - Senior Kennel Technician

Lidia Sanchez - Kennel Technician

Mason Weibert - Kennel Technician

Aurora Smith - Kennel Technician

Rebecca Loya - Kennel Technician

Alysah Wiekhorst - Kennel Technician

Tucker Hixon - Kennel Technician

Board of Directors

The staff at PHS are certified in the Fear Free Shelter program. This training helps us recognize the signs of FAS (Fear, Anxiety and Stress) and Frustration in the animals. As a result, we can provide ways to minimize and possibly eliminate those emotions. 

You can find more information here: fearfreeshelters.com

Kirk Kuxhausen - President

 -  Vice President

Chuck Swank - Treasurer

Charlie Kennedy - Secretary

Kathy Holten - Board Member

Kodie Markheim - Board Member

Eric King  - Board Member

Vickie Jones - Board Member

Chelsea Feil - Board Member

Hailee Brown - Board Member

Rebecca Guerrero - Board Member

Jane Sayre - Board Member


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